Voyage to a new world of discovery and adventure with our variety of artisan cocktails, crafted by one of our expert bartenders.

Explore new worlds

It is known that there are Seven Wonders of the World, but what if we were to tell you there are more. Many more. We welcome the adventurous, the curious and the lost among you to explore the other wonders of the world aboard this Lincoln legacy.

To those who yearn to travel, we offer our hand. To those who dare to discover, we open our doors. Welcome to the world. Welcome to The Barge.

We also serve a selection of beers, wines and spirits.

Gin Martini

Tanqueray stirred down with Lillet Blanc

Amaretto Sourz

Amaretto Disaronno, Lemon, Sugar and Egg White


Buffalo Trace, Vermouth and Campari

Kir Royale

Raspberry Liqueur and Prosecco


Ketel One Citroen, Cointreau, Cranberry, Lime and Sugar


Tanqueray, Vermouth and Campari

White Russian

Absolut Vanilla, Kahlua, Milk and Sugar with a Chocolate Top


Havana 3, Demerara Syrup, Fresh Limes and Fresh Mint

Tom Collins

Tanqueray, Lemon, Sugar and Soda

Piña Colada

Kraken, Aluna Coconut, Pineapple and Coconut

French Martini

Ketel One, Raspberry Liqueur, Vanilla and Pineapple


Tanqueray, Luxardo Cherry, Parfait Amour and Lemon


Havana 3, Velvet Falernum, Lime and Sugar

Espresso Martini

Absolut Vanilla, Kahlua, Espresso and Sugar

Old Fashioned

Buffalo Trace stirred down with Sugar and Bitters

Mai Tai

Havana 3, Cointreau, Kraken, Lime, Pineapple and Almond

Tommy’s Margarita

Aquariva, Lime and Agave

Long Island

Kraken, Fresh Lime and Sugar topped with Ginger Ale

Dark ‘N’ Stormy

Ketel One, Tanqueray, Aquariva, Havana 3, Cointreau and Lemon topped with Pepsi

We also serve a wide selection of beers, wines and spirits, which can be viewed here.

vegan alternatives are available

Baked Camembert

Designed for two to share. Served with bread and crudités.


In a tomato and basil sauce.

Potatas Bravas with Chorizo

Crispy potatoes with chorizo in a spicy tomato sauce.

Mixed Olives

In herbs and olive oil.

Sharing Board

Designed for 2-3 people to share. Lincolnshire Poacher and Manchego cheese, Mixed Olives, Salami, Chorizo and Parma Ham. Served with fresh bread, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.


Served with a selection of bread and crudités.

Potatas Bravas

Crispy potatoes in a spicy tomato sauce.

Bread Selection

Selection of fresh bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Cheese Selection

Lincolnshire Poacher, Manchego, Sage Derby and Double Gloucester. Served with chutney.

Meat Selection

Salami, Chorizo, Parma Ham, Pastrami and Smoked Ham.


= Vegetarian = Vegan

Food is served between 5pm-9pm on weekdays and
12pm-3pm and 5pm-9pm on Saturdays and Sundays.